Bamford Engineering and Enzed Launceston offer a variety of services to the industry. Our facilities and staff are able to offer the following resources to you:

Ø   Hydraulic system design

Ø   Compressed air/Pneumatic system design

Ø   Electrical and industrial system design

Ø   System manufacturing and installation services

Ø   Value adding programs and services

Ø   Comprehensive technical support services

Ø   Detailed product information services

Ø   Mobile support and sales services

Ø   Hydraulic diagnostic and testing services

Ø   Clean room and hydraulic test equipment

Ø   Hydraulic filtration service and reporting

Ø   Air quality analysis

Ø   Instrumentation Technical Support

Ø   Technical support staff

Ø   On site sales representatives

Ø   On-site service technicians

Ø   Supplier support services

Ø   Customer product specific requirements

Ø   Proven OEM supply systems

Ø   OEM product design and production

Ø   Comprehensive  Brand supply chain

Ø   Mobile Service Support

Ø   ENZED Hose Doctors Services