MICAS Anti-collision

The Micas RAS 400 S1is designed on the latest generation of FMCW-HF technology to protect your equipment, vehicle fleets and personnel against possible collisions or impacts. The unit is able to detect both moving as well as static objects. Due to its FMCW high frequency technology, the RAS 400 S1 has the distinction of being a reliable and safe collision avoidance system. Compared with optical systems like laser or other contact free measuring systems like ultrasound, the device works reliably under the most unfavourable weather conditions and environmental influences.

The RAS 400 S1 permits a large number of individual settings to be made via PC, laptop or Pocket PC with the help of the RangerConfig configuration software. This allows for easy installation and fast service. Multiple settings can be saved quickly and without any complications.

The detection area of the sensor in practice

Grey: The sensor detects the object but does not issue a message.

Green: The sensor has detected the object in the first alarm zone

Yellow: The sensor issues a warning signal

Red: The sensor issues an alarm regarding an imminent collision

The Micas unit offers a flexible alternative for collision avoidance and can be used in the following applications:

  • Reversing collision avoidance
  • Collision protection for mobile equipment
  • Travelling route monitoring
  • Monitoring of the crane-jibs
  • Monitoring of the back reach areas
  • Monitoring passage areas
  • Collision protection for personnel locations

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