Rotary Screw Compressors

The heart of every screw compressor is the air end. BOGE air ends have a screw profile designed for optimum performance. They have been designed using state of the art technology and are exceptionally economical and reliable. Modern production equipment, finest tolerances and top grade materials ensures greater reliability. The control unit features an easy to read display and durable input keys with relevant information viewed at a glance All the components are manufactured to the highest standards and unmatched precision ensuring long service life with maximum reliability. The larger BOGE screw compressors provide a motor and air end that are joined by the coupling and its housing to form a compact and durable unit that is virtually maintenance-free and therefore transmission losses are virtually eliminated. Reliability and service life are increased through elimination of wear and transmission losses. This 1:1 drive provides BOGE compressors with outstanding performance and enviable cost savings. Large, low speed air ends provide more air for less energy. BOGE also offer Frequency controlled drives (VSD) equipped units offering variable speed operation. Customers have come to rely on BOGE for uncompromising quality and intelligent engineering “Made in Germany”.  Compressed air users around the world know that such values pay off in the long run: because a reliable, efficient and durable supply of compressed air is paramount to the operation of their business.